How to Brew Beer

Beer is a simple drink of malt, hops and sugar which is fermented by yeast into alcohol and carbon dioxide.

The carbon dioxide provides the head on beer while the hops add aroma and bitterness to the beer.

Easy to make:

  • Your can of beer concentrate is mixed with water and sugar and the beer yeast in the kit is added. The beer ‘wort’ is held in a fermenter for 5-7 days until fermentation is complete.
  • The beer is left to clear for a few days and then bottled. A small amount of extra sugar is added at this stage to ensure a perfect ‘head’.
  • Beers take about 6-8 weeks to mature properly and develop their full flavour.
  • Like wine there are many varieties of beer from heavy dark stouts to light golden lagers.
  • Your perfect beer is at your fingertips.

Beermaker have put together a helfpul guide in Helping Hints for Brewing Beer which you can download and print off for your convenience.